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Thanks for visiting. Here is a sample of the projects I have done over the past years, as well as a complete list of sites I have built that are still live. I have worked on projects that involved HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript 3, occasionaly PHP and more recently several projects that included mobile and responsive elements. Some more code examples and JavaScript plugins I have written are available on GitHub. Also, please check out some of the design work I have done. If you have any questions, please email me at kdoyle2@gmail.com or download my resume.

Ironshore RIMS Display

Product Detail

Hey Philly

Five column view
Two column view
Three column view
One column view
One column view with sidebar
Beer finder page

Public House Investments

Pennsylvania 6
Mobile Design
Public House
Mobile Design
Butterfield 8
Mobile Design

My Coffee Revelation Site

Home page
Locations page
Photo page
Sharing page
Record photo page
Confirm photo page

My Coffee Revelation Kiosk

Introduction screen
Terms & Conditions screen
Contact information screen
Sharing screen
Record video screen
Review video screen
Record text screen
Thanks screen

My News

Home page design
Customization of Home page
News listing
News article

Site List